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Voyce is Improving Health Care Language Access by Integrating On-Demand Interpreter Services



Voyce is improving healthcare language access by integrating on-demand interpreter services directly into your Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, like Epic, eCW, and Cerner, as well as telemedicine platforms such as Teledoc and Doxy.me. We seamlessly integrate into your workflows, making it easier than ever to bring an interpreter into any health care setting.

Voyce’s EHR integrations saves you time and money during every encounter with:

  • One-Click Launch: Launch directly from your EHR or telehealth platform for a seamless workflow.
  • Automatic Documentation: Automate documentation of interpretation sessions, saving ~2 minutes per encounter.
  • Smart Language Selection: Automatically match an interpreter to the patients’ EHR language preference, saving additional time.
  • Simplify Reimbursement: Simplifies billing processes for easier reimbursement, where applicable.

Ready to improve patient outcomes, reduce administrative burdens, and set a new standard in patient-centered care? Contact Danny Chang, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, at danny.chang@voyceglobal.com, or learn more at voyceglobal.com.