Education Services

Quality healthcare services require ongoing education for healthcare providers. With AHA Services endorsed vendor careLearning, you can attend mandatory educational classes, keep up with continuing education requirements… or even have a course designed specifically for your hospital.

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Financial, Reimbursement Services and Supply Chain Solutions

Do you need a web-based workflow management tool that puts you in total control of your RAC audits from beginning to end? Maybe you need assistance with supply chain solutions, outsourcing transcription, managing the cost of your utilities, monitoring the compliance of your contracts or you just need ways to help increase revenue. From audit tools to help with insurance denials, AHA Services vendors can help get you on the right path.

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Information / Quality Management Services

Looking for insight that allows your healthcare organization to improve the quality of care while improving your bottom-line results? From understanding how to lift patients to accurately analyzing markets and strategically planning for the future, AHA Services vendors can help you understand how it all fits together. 

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Insurance Services

Workers’ comp, employee benefits packages and liability insurance and products no longer need to be confusing. Let AHA Services vendors assist you in making wise decisions for your healthcare organization. 

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Workforce Services

Should you hire short term staff or permanent staff? How do you know the top level executive you interviewed is really right for the job? And what about background checks for all these potential employees? Let the experts associated with AHA Services come to your rescue. 

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