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VOYCE Announces Integration with Epic

Voyce recently announced the integration and availability of the Voyce app with Epic. Available in the Epic App Orchard, the Voyce app is now ready to help provide an interpretation solution to hospitals, health systems, and providers that use Epic, ensuring language is not a barrier to care.

Making the Voyce app available in the Epic App Orchard gives medical staff on-demand access to language interpreters and makes way for a fundamental shift in how they communicate with patients when the same primary language is not spoken by both parties. The functionality of the session being documented into the EHR means the non-English speaking patient’s language interpretation history is automatically recorded without additional time and effort needed.

Medical professionals are able to directly launch the Voyce app during the patient visit and introduce a live interpreter to facilitate the conversation.

“While language interpreter services have been around for decades in healthcare, never has it been so easy and convenient for a medical provider to access one,” said Voyce CEO, Andrew Royce. “With Voyce’s integration with Epic, we are taking a giant leap forward to ensuring greater accessibility services and equity for vulnerable patient populations.”



For more information or a demo of Voyce please contact Richard Allen, 732.598.3930, Richard.Allen@voyceglobal.com.