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The CHIME CIO 2018 Virtual Cybersecuirty Symposium

3 Sessions: 
July 19, 26 & August 2, 2018
11:00am-1:00pm CT
Attendees can Earn 6 CEUs
*This event is available to CHIME members only. Not a CHIME member yet? Consider joining!

So far in 2018 there have been more than 150 entries on the OCR Wall of Shame with 90% of all OCR enforcement actions being related to risk analyses. Between OCR actions and world events over the last 12 months it is clear that cyber risk management needs to be strategic and ongoing.

Attend the CHIME CIO 2018 Virtual Cybersecurity Symposium™ to hear from experts on:

  • Lessons Learned from OCR Enforcement Actions: Investigations and Corrective Action Plans
  • How to Establish an Effective Cyber Risk Management Program
  • Funding Alternatives to Reboot Your Cyber Risk Management Program
  • Medical Device and IoT Risk Management
  • And much more….

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