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Passport Webinar: Common Orientation for Clinical Rotation Programs

AHA Services invites you to join us for a webinar presented by careLearning regarding the PassPort Program, a Common Orientation for Clinical Rotation Programs. We feel this will save time for hospitals, nursing schools, and the clinical students and would like to see it started in our state. 

We recently met via webinar to review how this program is working in Rhode Island, South Carolina and the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Present for the initial meeting were: 

From careLearning:
Laura Register, Executive Director 

From University of Central Arkansas: 

Dr. Barbara Williams, (Retired) Director, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Nursing;

Dr. Susan Gatto, Director, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Nursing 

From Arkansas Hospital Association:

Tina Creel, Vice President of AHA Services, Inc., Lyndsey Dumas, Vice, President of Education; Pam Brown, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety Liz Carder, Administrative Assistant 

We all agree that this would be a beneficial program to the Arkansas hospitals.

Just a little background: 

careLearning was formed by over 40 hospital associations and offers online education for healthcare organizations. In 2009 Rhode Island colleges and hospitals came together to form a Common Orientation Program for nursing students in their state and established the PassPort Program through careLearning. This collaboration decided to require students to go through one consolidated online training program approved by hosting hospitals as orientation. The students take these courses as part of their required curriculum at their respective schools and present transcripts as they report to the hospital.

careLearning provides most of the compliance and regulatory courses, ensuring they are current and compliant with Joint Commission requirements. In addition, many of the healthcare organizations created content in order to provide information specific to their site. This program has also been replicated throughout South Carolina in 2011, and most recently in the Metro area of St. Louis.

The outcomes have shown that, compared to previous methods, the program has furthered student knowledge and skill. With the Common Orientation Program, healthcare organizations save staff time and resources, and are assured that students obtain a consistent, up-to-date orientation over the content they deem as critical and can verify that the orientation requirements have been met. Students save time during the general orientation process by not receiving redundant information from more than one hospital, allowing them to concentrate more on applying their knowledge. Schools save time by not needing to devote as much clinical time to orientations. There is no monetary cost for hospitals to participate in this program.

We have set up several Webinar dates to demonstrate how the program works and to answer questions. 

Please follow this link to register for one of our webinars on Mon. August 15 – 2pm CST or Wed. August 31 – 10am CST

Monday, August 15, 2PM CDT     or     Wednesday, August 31, 10AM CDT