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New Merritt Hawkins White Paper: The Growing Use and Recruitment of Hospitalists

There are now over 50,000 physicians practicing as hospitalists in the United States. 

Why have their ranks grown so quickly?  Who are they and how are they used?   What are the latest trends in hospitalist recruiting and compensation? 

Merritt Hawkins, the nation’s leading physician search and consulting firm and AHA Services, Inc.’s preferred physician search provider, recently completed a white paper addressing these and related questions. 

The white paper offers valuable insights into hospitalist staffing issues and also indicates how the hospitalist model is migrating beyond primary care and beyond the walls of the hospital. 

Download White Paper.  For additional information on the growth of hospitalists, please contact Rich Gehrke at rich.gehrke@merritthawkins.com or at 469-524-1657.