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Ready to optimize revenue in 2016?

January 20, 2016, 2pm CT

As we prepare to enter the new year, how can we learn to navigate in the ever changing healthcare landscape? The healthcare landscape is shifting rapidly in Arkansas and now - more than ever - hospitals need to be able to understand the trends which are impacting managed care reimbursement. 

In January, AHA Services will be kicking off a new networking group designed to help member hospitals exchange ideas and new strategies for maximizing the managed care function. 

These online sessions, which will be held on a quarterly basis throughout 2016, are ideal for CEOs, CFOs, finance and managed care professionals. For this first session, we'll explore:

  • 2016 Legislative Priorities - Update from Bo Ryall, AHA President  
  • State of the State - Discussion of market conditions and impact of national/local legislation on Arkansas hospitals  
  • What Success Looks Like - Group discussion focusing on sharing experiences and best practices
  • Future Discussions/Topic Ideas/Guest Speakers 

Wednesday, January 20 @ 2pm CT 

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