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INFACT: Reducing costs in the lab - what's your plan?

Reducing costs and creating more efficient processes in the Lab can be a challenging proposition. But with the right approach the lab can be one of the best places to register a 'quick win' as part of your effort to reign in costs and increase margin.  

iVantage recently polled its INFORM KnowledgeWeb community to find out which tactics and strategies are working best. Specifically, iVantage wanted to know about: 

  • Effective budget strategies
  • Reducing high-dollar referral testing
  • Impact of volume fluctuations
  • Achieving financial outcomes via operating agreements 

iVantage's INFORM community consists of more than 7,000 healthcare professionals from hospitals and health systems around the country. Read the key take-aways from iVantage's  latest 'Success and Good Ideas' and put some of these great ideas into practice.   

As an iVantage client access to INFORM is free - please share with your colleagues. 

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