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How to Calculate the Cost of a Data Breach and How to Get the Funding for Your Information Risk Management Program

May 16 - Join Clearwater Compliance for this complementary, educational live web event and learn about the cost of data breach.

The latest massive cyber-attacks have made it even more apparent that it is no longer a matter if your organization will be affected by a breach or cyberattack, but when.  What would a breach or cyber-attack cost your organization?

Money for information security is tight. According to a survey report by IDC Health Insights, 60 percent of acute care hospitals say their current and planned technology spending is not growing. And even for the 40 percent whose IT budgets are expanding, information security came in fourth on the priority list, despite the growing risks to health information and the organizations that create, receive, transmit, or maintain it.

A healthcare organization’s ability to strengthen its cyber risk posture depends on the extent to which its leaders understand both where its vulnerabilities lie and the threats that might exploit those vulnerabilities. As the risk of breaches grows, so does the need for innovative, cost-effective ways to mitigate that risk.

By attending this live webinar, you will learn from industry experts how to assess the potential impact of specific security risks to your organization and build a strong return-on-investment business case for funding your information risk management program.  Compliance and cybersecurity are no longer just “IT issues.” They are unequivocally business risk and most importantly, patient safety issues.