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Continued COVID-19 Preparedness and Market Shift in Demand

During this critical and unique time, Qualivis and the Arkansas Hospital Association recognize the importance of supporting the healthcare industry. The last few months have tested our hospital capacities, staff morale and ability to adapt. This is a reminder that hospitals and hospital leaders need to think differently and aggressively; we urge facilities that haven’t been affected or displaced by COVID-19 yet to prepare accordingly. While staffing vendors have been considered the antagonist in days past, today the real enemy is the unknown combined with a lack of preparedness — which could ultimately cost more than engaging in a contingency plan.

A shift in mindset is imperative. Arkansas hospitals are no longer competing between state hospitals to attract clinical talent. Our state and regional markets that many are accustomed to have shifted to a national market. From February 24 to July 20, the 2020 demand for ICU registered nurses as a percentage of total demand increased by 134%. Arkansas “target market clinicians” who previously traveled within Arkansas, are now heavily incentivized and pulled toward neighboring states and across the country. Now is our time to listen, educate and plan for change.

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